From the Gallery of the IMS Log

This article was sent to us by Dick Rank, N125C. It is taken from the International Mooney Society (IMS) Log of May, 1977

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Appearance-wise the Mite has always attracted the adventurous. To many it offered single-cockpit macho; de facto, if not de jure, realization of the Mitty-dreams we all harbor from time to time. After all, if the Mustang is the life of the Reno crowd, the guts and rumble of the Confederate Air Force, the M18 Mooney can very nearly allow those of us with more common incomes to very nearly participate.

Early on it flopped. Nobody wanted a converted automobile engine swinging their airplane prop. Converted to more conventional power, the Mite set a number of records, was purchased and flown by notables, became a target drone and a close-support fighter version was tested during the Korean conflict. A rich and varied career for an aircraft destined to fade into the dust and grass clippings of down home airports.

Today less than two hundred remain in flying condition and the going price for any one of these is about triple what Al and Art Mooney marketed them for twenty or so years ago. But ask any pilot/owner and they'll confirm: If they ain't a hot rock, they're at least semi warm in their Poor Man's P-51.

23 June 2004