Parts from N4158 For Sale by Bill Rogers

1955 M-18C-55, S/N 324

"The engine is one of the last A65-8 Continentals built. I understand the case was actually a C85 case Continental redesigned for the 65. I noticed the backbone is a different shape between the early A65 and this case. The engine has 421 hours on it and I have the logs that start with the Mooney production test flight and go to 1959 the last flight of the airplane. The engine has been kept in very dry conditions and the case, crank, and cylinders are perfect. My dad was big on Cosmoline coating everything. The engine is complete and the cylinders look new. My dad had a shop go through the magnetos and had them yellow tagged many years ago. I would like to get $2500 plus crating and shipping for the engine, complete with mags, etc. SOLD

"I have the Flottorp propeller a 65X66 from the airplane that was hanging on my father's wall in his bedroom for 30 years. The prop looks very good and is in airworthy condition, with no rock dents or damaged paint. Asking $700. SOLD

"I also have all the tail feathers, main gear, wheels, brakes, canopy, wing fairings, and many small parts. I will sell for all for $1500, or separately, (plus crating and shipping).

"I am located up in the Seattle area and can be reached at 206-669-8734."


Bill Rogers