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Name: Joel Johnston
From: Spokane, WA
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Hi Dave - Happy New Year to you and all the other Mite-iacs. I wanted to thank you for a surprise I received in the mail today. A letter came to me from Lee Farnsworth of Racine, WI asking about the current state and condition of my Mite N4124. Seems Lee had a love affair with my Mite from 1957 to 1973 when he sold it to my Dad. He stated, "A website listed you as the registered owner as of Nov. 2003." His local EAA chapter wanted him to write up a recollection of his years with the Mite and that prompted him to get sentimental enough to look it up. I will scan the letter and e-mail it to you. In the meantime, I have a lengthy letter to write to Mr. Farnsworth expounding on all the fun and adventures my Dad and I have had in "his Mite" over the past 34 years. He is 84 years young as he put it in his letter.
Regards - Joel
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Name: lew moon
From: Rockford Illinois
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I appreciate this website. I wish all of you a very special new year. I hope to get many more hours in my 4180 mite this year.
Thanks to all of you make this web site available.
Anyone getting near Rockford visit me. our airport is 1c8
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Name: Dave Rutherford
From: Abbotsford, BC
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