A Collection of Mite Photos from Doug Triplett

Mite enthusiast, Doug Triplett, submitted these photos for our enjoyment. The first four were taken at Merced, California on 8 June, 1996. Fortunately, Doug was able to provide detailed information for the captions ― which is always important to us when publishing. Note that Doug was searching for the "right" Mite even then.

1949 M-18L owned by Garry Gramman at the time.

This Mite also has a 65 HP Lycoming engine. It was owned by Alan Alcock of New Plymouth, Idaho. It now has a new paint scheme and is currently owned by Dave Mazzola of Newark, Calfornia.

Although he was not identified by Doug, we know this was Dan Shumaker's Mite.

Dan, from Livermore, California has owned the Mite since 1972.

This was taken in Porterville, California on 22 March, 1997 after Doug and his wife met the pilot while having breakfast at the airport cafe. The unidentified pilot, whom we believe was David Conolley, was a World War II veteran ferrying the Mite from the Seattle area to Midland, Texas. He told Doug it had been in a museum (perhaps because it was the last Mite built). Its N-number is now N201MM, owned by Michael Harms and hangared in Porterville, CA.