Mite Maintenance

All technical information on The Mooney Mite Site has been gathered from a wide variety of sources and is presented here for the interest of owners and enthusiasts. We recommend following the standards and practices set by the FAA as well as the good judgment of a licensed aircraft mechanic.

Care and Maintenance:

Annual Checklists (PDF):

Preflight Checklists (PDF):

Airworthiness Directives (AD's) and Service Letters

Continental Engine Service Bulletins (PDF):

Conversions and Modifications:

Forms, Regulations, Specifications:

Drawings and 3-Views:

Restorations: Manuals (PDF): AMOCs (Alternate Methods of Compliance) to AD's (PDF):

Here are useful links to Advisory Circular (AC) 43.13-1B from the FAA's Regulatory & Guidance Library.

In regard to maintaining aircraft with wood structures, this is also recommended reading: