Mite Exhaust System Repair or Replacement

Submitted by Keith Mackey, N4159:

Plane Xhaust in Fort Lauderdale, FL is one of very few shops capable of working with the small diameter tubes used in our exhaust system. They have made a jig that can be used to replace or repair the front exhaust (Cylinders 3 & 4) on the Continental A-65.

They will soon have the rear exhaust jig and be able to work on the entire A-65 system as originally installed by Mooney. It is likely these jigs will also cork for the A-75 and C-85 engines that have been installed in the aftermarket.

They have not yet done work on the O-145 Lycoming exhaust but should be able to do that also.

Plane Xhaust does excellent work at fair prices.

Web site at: The contact person is Wayne.

Plane Xhaust Corporation
5485 NW 22 Ave. Tamarac, FL 33309
Toll Free: 1-866-312-4122
Phone: 954-735-4412
Fax: 954-739-5206