Keith Mackey's Alternate Means of Compliance to Mite AD's


I have received final written approval from the FAA to use the Alternate Method Of Compliance (AMOC) for paragraphs (1) through (9) of AD 79-18-07 and paragraph (4) of AD 79-11-05 R1 that I submitted.

This AMOC eliminates the need for fabric removal each 36 months to inspect the wing and fuselage structure unless deterioration is detected. Instead, a modified inspection procedure that was originally written for the Mooney M-20 was used as a basis to develop a non-destructive and much more complete inspection procedure that is to be done annually.

The original AD's still stand as written and those who did not want to become involved in participating in developing this new procedure can continue to comply as they always have. I believe that was their wish.

The AMOC is written in a manner which makes it applicable to all models of the M-18 series. Per the FAA Approval letter, this AMOC is transferable for use by other M-18 operators at my discretion. Should an operator desire to use the AMOC, I will provide a letter of permission to that operator for a particular aircraft serial number along with a copy of the FAA approval letter to be submitted to the operator's local Flight Standards District Office Maintenance Inspector. This must be done before the AMOC can be legally used.

Attached is a .pdf of the now FAA Approved AMOC procedure.