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Last updated on 2018-08-09

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NOTICE: The Mooney Mite Site will be shutting down (going offline) on September 21, 2018.

We offer you this opportunity to acquire your own copy of the Mite Site on DVD. The content includes photos, articles, and other information of interest to Mite owners and enthusiasts. This DVD as well as our collection of Manuals for purchase for a limited time. To purchase, click here.


Those of you who read this news page regularly will recall that last year Roger Hughes of Corpus Christi, TX had his Mite destroyed by Hurrican Harvey. Roger has informed us that hangars have been rebuilt and he is now looking for a replacement for N4051. For further details, see our Buy & Sell page under the heading Wanted Items.


Oshkosh? Are any Mite owners planning to fly their Mites to attend the EAA Fly-In at Oshkosh, WI (July 23rd - July 29th)? If you are, or know of an owner who is, please get in touch with the Mite Site.


To see some photos taken by Keith Mackey at last week's Sun 'n Fun Fly-In at Lakeland, Florida, [Click here]


Following an invitation last January from Lance Phillips, marketing director at Mooney International, Keith Mackey, N4159, agreed to show his Mite in a special Mooney exhibit at this year's Sun 'n Fun Fly-In in Florida.

At the Fly-In, Mooney will be celebrating their 70th anniversary, marked from the delivery of the first Mooney Mite.

Keith's beautiful M-18C-55, which he restored to "show" condition in 2005, will be a very suitable representative of our favourite airplane.

We are looking forward to receiving more photos and comments from Keith after the event which starts on Monday and runs until April 15th.


Karl Engelskirger of Valley City, Ohio has purchased N4138 S/N 305, as a Mite project from Paul Workman (Bedrock Aero) of Zanesville, OH. The Mite is now located at the Municipal Airport (3G3) in Wadsworth, OH, just west of Akron.

Karl will be also be taking possession of Paul's large stash Mite parts in May, and will provide us with an inventory list at first opportunity. This is good news for those people working on Mite projects.

As a matter of history, N4138 was registered as CF-IYQ and spent 1956-64 in Canada. After it returned to the USA, it became N6192C. It had been in storage, disassembled, for perhaps 40 years when Robert Farr of Saint Helen, MI purchased the plane. He changed the ident back to N4138 around 1998 when he learned it was available.

Incidentally, Karl managed to fit the wing inside a 26' Penske van for the move.

Welcome to the Mite Community, Karl!


We have learned that N333M has been acquired from Joe Burnett by the Spirit of Flight Museum in Erie, Colorado.N333M

Gordon Page, president of the Museum, sent us some photos showing the present condition of the Mite. Whether it will be rebuilt is yet to be decided.

Years ago, while the Mite was undergoing a rebuild in Texas, it was badly damaged inside a hangar by a hurricane (sound familiar?). The remains were later bought by Dr. Ray Allen in Arizona, but the rebuild never got farther than what you can see in the photo.



NC11NB, S/N 23 is now in South America. It was purchased from the estate of Weldon Sellers of Griffin, GA by William Starostik filho (Jr.) of Curitiba in the state of Paraná, Brazil. The transaction actually took place late last year and we have been waiting for photographs documenting the trip. However, they have been delayed, so we are publishing the information we have received so far.

The photo, taken on December 12, shows the Mite being put on a truck in the city of Piracicaba for the overnight journey to William’s hangar in Curitiba.


Jeff Helmericks of Alaska sent us the following comment: N4178

"I attached a picture I took this fall when I was re-arranging the hanger with N4178 and one of its hanger mates [N312AS, a T-28B]. Two of my favorite airplanes to fly, the fact that they ended up being the same color was completely by accident. Only a slight difference in fuel burn!"


Here at the Mite Site there are long stretches when nothing seems to be happening (take a look at the gaps between dates of the postings on this News Page). Then, suddenly, something comes out of the blue. No, not airplanes, but e-mails. N4178Lockaby-brown

We've just received a nice set of old photos of N4178, an M-18C-55 that has been in Alaska for the last number of years. They were sent to us by Susan Lockaby, daughter of J.D. Brown, who owned the Mite in the 1960's. They were taken at his hangar in Stuckey, South Carolina.

Subsequently, Jeff Helmericks, current owner of the Mite, was brought into the "conversation." As a result, we received from him a photo and some news about the current status of N4178 (See news item above).



We are looking for information about these two Mites photographed at HIO, the Hillsboro, OR airport.

If anyone can pin down the date these were taken, or the names of the owners at that time, please let us know.


The photo featured as the background on our Front Page was taken by Vic Syracuse from his Stearman about two miles south of Mallard's Landing in Locust Grove, GA. It was sent to us by Jim Frank of Atlanta in 2004, who at that time was the owner of N4189, a 1955 M-18C-55 which he had purchased from Fred Schmidt. The other aircraft, N70DV, a 1950 M-18C, was owned and flown by Gus Hertz, also of Atlanta. N4189 is currently owned by Mike Sarsfield of Atlanta, and N70DV belongs to John Casey of De Moines, IA. (2016-01-30)

"Flying the Mooney Mite is the closest experience to flying a Spitfire: it's a single seater, it has retractable gear, and it's very responsive to the controls." - Vera Dowling, one-time Mite owner and well known Alberta aviator who ferried over 260 Spitfires in Britain during World War II.

"The Mite indeed can be a great cross-country airplane." - Ben Favrholdt, N66MX

"A Mooney Mite is an airplane for flying ... [it's] not hard to fly. In fact, it's not only not hard to fly, it's downright easy to fly." - Dan Green

"I feel sorry for every pilot who flies his entire life without ever experiencing the thrill of a little airplane like the Mite ...." - Budd Davisson

"The Mite is one of the sweetest flying airplanes I have ever flown... and I have flown a rather large range of antique/classic/warbird aircraft. For me the Mite is the world's perfect second airplane." - John Davidson, N4096

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