Jonathan Lee buys N4121 from Gil Gilbert


Another Mite has been passed to a younger generation. New owner Jonathan Lee of McGuire AFB bought N4121 from Gil Gilbert of Kent, WA in December, 2014.

Jonathan took his inaugural flight at Crest Airpark south of Seattle on December 12th and made the decision to purchase shortly afterwards.

Jonathan is the son of Brian Lee, who partnered with Gil in a Piper Arrow for many years.

N4121 will continue to stay at Crest until Jonathan can fly it home, possibly in the spring.




Photos (above) by Brian Lee, 2014-12-12


N4121 and its new owner Jonathan Lee in the air near Crest Airpark, WA. Aside from having fun, Jonathan is breaking in the zero time engine. He was accompanied by his dad, Brian Lee and seller Gil Gilbert in an Arrow, while Dave Nason flew in his Falco to photgraph the event.



Photos by Dave Nason