Ron Olson Brings N4147 to Saskatoon

This is from the email that Ron sent to Dr. Robert Schroeder, from whom he purchased the Mite:

"Here is a photo of the Mite when it arrived in Saskatoon in my hangar. Bill, the delivery pilot, is in the photo and my engineer who will maintain the Mite for me. My son, who flies for a local airline, took the photo. He and I, plus my engineer, will be the pilots who fly the Mite.

"I am in process of getting a Canadian registration and will let you know what that is. I am most impressed with the condition of the airplane in all respects. Thank you for a most amazing little Mite. A little about myself; I have been flying for over 35 years, mainly in Canada and the far north but also all over USA. I operate a fishing and hunting lodge in northern Canada, but my main business is a land developer and builder."