> WAMM Fly-in, May 2000

WAMM Fly-in, May 2000

A collection of photos from the May, 2000 Fly-in at Porterville, CA

Back Row (L. to R.) Ben Favrholdt, Dick Marrott, Tim Lucero, Garry Gramman, Gil Gilbert, David Jappay, Mal Gross, Jerry Johnston, David Favrholdt. Front Row (L. to R.) Dave Rutherford, Ernie Buenting, Glenn Bell. Missing: Bill Shea, Bob Katz, Jerry Jenny, Patrick Moran.

Left to Right: Jerry Johnston's N4124, Bob Katz' N4155, Ben Favrholdt's N66MX, Ernie Buenting's N496M, Tim Lucero's N325M, Dave Jappay's N4152.

Mite flyers in Bill Vandersande's hanger for a little attitude adjustment.

Clockwise from L around circle: Garry Gramman, Jerry Johnston (from MI -- Jerry flew in with Ted Teach from Dayton OH same way same day), Ted Teach, Bill Vandersande, Unkown, Ernie Buenting, Mal Gross. (See next photo for the two guys with backs to the camera).

Clockwise from L. around circle: Unknown, Ernie Buenting, Mal Gross, David Favrholdt, Dave Rutherford (author of the Mite Site), Ben Favrholdt, Garry Gramman, (Jerry Johnston & Ted Teach are cut off), Bill Vandersande.

2000 lineup.jpg (38420 bytes)
The Lineup in front of Bill Vandersande's hangar.
P805.jpg (41840 bytes)
Only the camera man is out in the noonday sun! (It was 103°)

There was a very good turnout this year -- 11 Mites on hand.
Gang at Rustlers 2
DF.jpg (59988 bytes)
The Gang's late evening meal at Rustler's.
Gil and Arrow.jpg (49728
Gil Gilbert drove his Arrow down from Kent, WA this time.
N4181 Bell.jpg (51784 bytes)
Glenn Bell getting ready to leave for Oregon in his 'C-55.
N325M departing 2.jpg
(37380 bytes)
Tim Lucero departing in his comfortable old 1950 M-18C.
N4152 Jappay.jpg (42808
It was good to see David Jappay back again in his 1954 M-18C.
N4122 taxiing.jpg (42120
Ted Teach flew all the way from Ohio for his 4th WAMM Fly-in.
N4124 taxiing.jpg (43968
First-time visitor, Jerry Johnston from Michigan kept Ted company.
P801.jpg (48140 bytes)
Corey Joekel came in a big Mooney. Notice Ted and Jerry plotting their return flight.
mooney brothers 2
DF.jpg (36164 bytes)
That's Barry Vaughan's M20K with Jerry's and Ted's M-18s
N4187 Gross DF.jpg (54348
Mal Gross flew down from Washington State in his 'C-55.
N4187 departing.jpg (40360
Mal shows how easy it is for a 6'-2" pilot to slip into the cockpit.
N4155 Katz.jpg (59292 bytes)
Bob Katz took valuable time off to fly up from LA.
N4187 oil leak DF.jpg
(54052 bytes)
Lots of help is available to attend to a minor problem.
N496M taxiing.jpg (47208
Fly-in regular Ernie Buenting departs in his nice-looking M-18C
N66MX taxiing.jpg (44056
Fly-in host Ben Favrholdt taxies out for a morning flight.
three mooneys 3 DF.jpg
(61556 bytes)
All in the family.
DR in N66MX 1.jpg (42228
Dave Rutherford enjoys getting the feel of taxiing in a Mite.

Photo credits: David Favrholdt, Claude Goldsmith, Dave Rutherford

May 26, 2000