small blue wingsWAMM Fly-in, October 2000

A collection of photos from the October, 2000 Fly-in at Porterville, CA

group photo

Left to Right: Mal Gross, Gil Gilbert, Michael Harms, Dave Rutherford, Ben Favrholdt, Craig Ortet, Bill Vandersande, Tim Lucero, Garry Gramman, David Favrholdt.

mike taxis out.jpg (71756
Michael Harms chose to come in his M-18L, N60MM instead of his '55.
craig ortet
fueling N386A.jpg (52136 bytes)
Craig Ortet tops up with avgas before departing in his N386A, an M-18L
bill in mite.jpg (56732
Bill Vandersande takes his M-18LA, N4105, out for a morning spin.
bill departs in
his T-35.jpg (56180 bytes)
Hey, that's not a Mite! Oh, it's Bill in another one of his toys, a Temco T-35 trainer.
ben and gil with
N66MX.jpg (57408 bytes)
Gil looks over Ben's shoulder while he solves minor problem.
bill tim dave f
garry.jpg (65200 bytes)
Bill Vandersande, Tim Lucero, David Favrholdt and Garry Gramman.
mal gil mike ben.jpg
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Mal Gross, Gil Gilbert, Mike Harms and Ben Favrholdt.
mal says goodbye to bill garry mike.jpg (73960 bytes)
Bill and Mike look on while Garry wishes Mal a safe trip.
Mal and his mite.jpg
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Mal Gross flew farther than anyone to be with his friends at Porterville -- all the way from Orcas Island, Washington.
N386A in lineup.jpg (50044
Tim checks out two Mites with almost identical paint schemes.
n66mx low pass 3.jpg
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N66MX does a low pass over the grass.
aerial shot of
harms 3.jpg (31992 bytes)
Mike Harms in his Mite over the brown hills of Porterville.
DLR last
minute instructions.jpg (44972 bytes)
Dave Rutherford gets last-minute instructions before his very first flight in a Mooney Mite.
afterwards.jpg (40072 bytes)
After the flight, Dave is one happy fella, thanks to Tim Lucero and his M-18C, N325M
ben in mite.jpg (42784 bytes)
Here is another Mite driver with a satisfied smile on his face.
ben on scooter.jpg (57772
Ben takes Tim's wheels out for a spin.
bill linda dave f.jpg
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Bill Vandersande and his long-time friend, CFD air-attack pilot Linda Scott, with David Favrholdt.
Don Deaton slices pitroast beef.jpg (47572 bytes)
Don Deaton slices his specialty,  pit-roasted beef, for the WAMM BBQ. 
outdoor eating at
PTV 2.jpg (72512 bytes)
The whole gang feasted on roast beef, Texas-style beans and lettuce salad, outside the terminal building at PTV.
WAMM group
portrait.jpg (36764 bytes)
The gang stands for their official group portrait. To see the individual names, see the WAMM page on the Mite Site.

Photo credits: David Favrholdt, Mal Gross, Dave Rutherford

October 11, 2000