> WAMM Fly-in May 2001

WAMM Fly-in May 2001

A collection of photos from the May, 2001 Fly-in at Porterville, CA

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This photo of the early lineup in front of Bill Vandersande's hangar shows (L to R) Bill, Ernie Buenting, Tim Lucero, Mike Harms and Ben Favrholdt.
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This has got to be some kind of a record for WAMM -- three generations of the Favrholdt family were in attendance.
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Garry Gramman stands in front of Tony Terrigno, Ernie Buenting, Bill Vandersande, Dennis Vest, Jeff Palmer and Tim Lucero. It was 92 degrees in Bill's hangar.
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Garry Gramman takes 119C for a stroll, showing how light these airplanes are.
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Ben Favrholdt points out the left aileron movement on 66MX to his grand-nephew, Kai.
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Tony Terrigno sits in Mike Harms' 201MM while Mike and Garry Gramman look in.
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Mike Harms flew his big C-55 Mite, 201MM, instead of his LA to this year's fly-in.
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Dennis Vest of Fort Bragg, CA is the new owner of 4154 and a first-time visitor to the Porterville.gathering.
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An unfamiliar airplane, in this case Dennis Vest's 4154, always stirs a lot of interest.

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Eight Mites, twelve Mite owners, and at least eight Mite enthusiasts attended. Not all are shown here.
(L to R):
Cullen O'Brien, Jeff Palmer, Bill O'Brien, Ben Favrholdt, David Favrholdt, Kai Favrholdt, Garry Gramman, Ernie Buenting, Tony Terrigno, Bill Vandersande, Tim Lucero, Denver Jacobson, Craig Ortet, Gil Gilbert.

(Missing: Norm Douthit, Dennis Vest, Allen McInnish, Dave Rutherford)
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Long-time WAMM member Ernie Buenting of Upland, CA sits on the wing of his plane.
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Bill O'Brien and his son Cullen came from Watsonville in their rare Mooney M-10 Cadet.
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Tim Lucero, Ernie Buenting and Mike Harms discuss the fine points of Mike's Garmin GPS.
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Once the WAMM honcho and Mite owner, Tony Terrigno came in his beautiful Pacer.
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Gil Gilbert unloads his Piper Arrow while David and Kai Favrholdt look on. Gil flew three of us down from Bellingham,WA.
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Tim Lucero in 325M scoots away over one of the many orange groves in Porterville.
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Garry Gramman in 119C.
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Michael Harms in 201MM.
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Ernie Buenting in 496M.
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Ernie Buenting again.
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Ben in 66MX and Garry in 119C peel off over Porterville.
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Bill Vandersande in 4105.
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Mite enthusiast Allen McInnish sits on the wing of 210MM.
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Bill Vandersande and Ben Favrholdt looking on while Michael Harms looks in.
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Dennis Vest does a low pass over the grass in N4154.
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Tim, Ernie and Tony waiting for Jack Lucy's barbecued beef to be served. Michael Harms, Ben Favrholdt and Dave Rutherford. Tony Terrigno at the controls of his Piper Pacer which acted very capably as the platform for the aerial photography.

Photo credits: Michael Harms, Dave Rutherford

May 22, 2001