WAMM Fly-in October 2001

A collection of photos from the October, 2001 Fly-in at Porterville, CA (PTV)

Good weather throughout California on the weekend of October 5th resulted in one of the best turnouts in recent years. Mite owners Ben Favrholdt and Bill Vandersande were hosts, while Tim LuceroErnie BuentingMichael Harms, Glenn Bell, Ken Shea, and Graham Shea, all arrived in their M-18's. Ben and Doris Loftsgaard drove down with their 5th wheeler. Robby Robins, Anthony (Tony) Terrigno, Ray and Linda Allen, Ted Reusch, Doug Triplett, Gil Gilbert and Dave Rutherford all flew to Porterville in other types of aircraft, while Garry Gramman and Norm Douthit came in their cars.


At left, Tony receives a plaque presented to him by his friends who thus thanked him for the many years he dedicated to keeping Mites flying by way of his WAMM newsletters and fly-ins.

Gil Gilbert at lunch on Friday at Jenny Lynn's. Linda Allen and Garry Gramman. Garry and Dave Rutherford.
Usually it's dark when the WAMM gang dines at Rustlers Steakhouse & Saloon, but this time we were there for a very nice lunch out on the deck. Note that parasols were not required at this time of year.
The temperature in Porterville was very pleasant. This prompted a decision to move the primary WAMM Porterville Fly-in from May to October every year. A Spring location is yet to be chosen. We enjoyed the company of Ben and  Doris Loftsgaard of Sacramento. 
On the left, Tony and Garry in Bill's hangar where the shade is always welcome and the fridge is always well-stocked. In the centre, Garry Gramman, Gil Gilbert and Robby Robins talk airplanes while on the right, Bill Vandersande, Ben Favrholdt and Ernie Buenting complete the circle.

The Mite lineup, from left to right:

Bill Vandersande's N4105,
Tim Lucero's N325M,
Ben Favrholdt's N66MX,
Ernie Buenting's N496M,
Glenn Bell's N4181,
Michael Harms' N60MM, and Ken Shea's N4071 and N4152. How many Mites are in the line?

This explains how Ken Shea was able to bring two Mites to PTV -- his son Graham, who recently earned his licence, came as well. It was undoubtedly a thrill for Graham to make his first cross-country flight in a Mite. On the right, Ken is at the controls of N4071, recently purchased from Dave Jappay.
Ernie Buenting (left) and Glenn Bell look on, while Michael Harms continues with his pre-purchase inspection of N4181. Electrical problems prevented Ted Reusch from flying over from Chino is his Mite, so he came in his Luscombe, NC1661B. Ted and Tony stand in the late afternoon sun discussing flying, no doubt.
Every one of these 50-year-old airplanes has developed unique qualities over the years, thus there is no end to the features Mite enthusiasts have to talk about. Tim Lucero sits on his Mite's wing, explaining the quirks of the communication system in N325M to Michael Harms. Doris Loftsgaard stands in front of Ben's N66MX. When Doris owned and restored this Mite back in the 80's, she called it The Deep Purple Dream.
Looks like all we did was eat! This was taken on Saturday night at La Fuente on Main Street. Linda and Ray Allen of Camp Verde, AZ, at La Fuente, which has become another one of our traditional eating places. Doris steals some of the delicious Mexican-style food (mole con pollo) from Ray's plate when he's not looking.
Glenn Bell stands one last time beside the Mite he just sold to Michael Harms. Will this be the last Mite Glenn will own? Ted and Ben talk airplanes while Linda and Doris pose for the cameraman. On the morning of departure, Ray and Linda Allen's big Mooney (an M20K), Gil's Piper Arrow and Robby's Cessna 150 taildragger.

Photo credits: Dave Rutherford, Glenn Bell, Ray Allen

October 14, 2001