WAMM Fly-in August 2002

A collection of photos from the August, 2002 Fly-in at Porterville, CA (PTV)

Back Row: Matt Potter (visitor), Dave Mazzola, Ted Reusch, Mike Harms, Tim Lucero, Bill Vandersande, Ernie Buenting, Greg Jacobs (flew one of Michael's Mites to PTV).

Front Row: Craig Ortet, Garry Gramman, Robby Robins, Ben Favrholdt, Jerry Jenny, Tony Terrigno, Gil Gilbert.

This series of photos shows the WAMM gang enjoying a meal at Michel's, the new, improved Porterville Airport restaurant.
Left side: Tony Terrigno, Jerry Jenny, Ernie Buenting, Gil Gilbert, Robby Robins.
Right side: Matt Potter (back) Ben Favrholdt (hidden), Garry Gramman, Ted Reusch, Tim Lucero.
L to R:Ben Favrholdt, Tim Lucero, Ernie Buenting, Gil Gilbert. L to R: Robby Robins, Ernie Buenting, Bill Vandersande, Tim Lucero, Don Deaton, Gerry Jenny, Garry Gramman, Tony Terrigno, Ben Favrholdt.

Photo credits: Gil Gilbert, Bill Vandersande.

Note: Larger copies of these photos and others are available upon request.

August, September, 2002