WAMM Fly-in October, 2002

A collection of photos from the October, 2002 Fly-in at Porterville, 18 CA (PTV)

Daytime temperatures in the low 80's and cool evenings made for very pleasant hangar-flying conditions for our last fly-in of 2002. A total of ten Mites were there, although not all at one time. Likewise, a head count would have shown a list of enthusiasts, several of whom were not there for every meal.

Hosts Ben Favrholdt and Bill Vandersande once again made us all feel welcome, and played a major part in making our fly-ins the largest Mite gatherings in the world. Gil Gilbert of Kent, WA flew Alaska Air to Fresno and arrived by rented car, as did David Favrholdt and Dave Rutherford who took Alaska from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco. One-time Mite owner Glenn Bell flew one of Michael Harms' three Mites down from The Bay area, accompanied by Michael of course. Ted Reusch, who has become a regular, flew over from Banning, CA. Dependable Ernie Buenting came by Mite as usual, while Robby Robins came in his C150 tail-dragger. Other regulars, Tim Lucero and Garry Gramman drove in from Lompoc and El Cajon respectively. Surprise guest was Don Henry of La Mesa, CA who arrived in N60BW for his first visit. We were pleased that Dave Mazzola of Newark, CA and Craig Ortet of Morgan Hill, CA showed up in their Mites on Saturday to spend a few hours with us. Mite owner Toni Guttman arrived by car from Soquel, CA to pay his very first visit to a WAMM fly-in. Although he does not appear in our photo collection, Mite enthusiast and Mooney 201 owner Frank Jenkins dropped by on his way back to Menlo Park, CA. We are always pleased to see new faces mixed in with the regulars.

Michel's very pleasant airport restaurant got most of our business. However, the Mexican meal at La Fuente on Thursday night and particularly Don Deaton's deep-pit barbecue on Saturday night certainly deserve mention.

Ernie Buenting looks on while Don unwraps the roast which has been cooking since the night before.

Ted Reusch arriving on Friday morning in his M-18L. This photo shows most of the ten Mites that were parked beside Bill Vandersande's hangar at one time or another. Ben Favrholdt and Michael Harms getting ready to fly in front of Ben's hangar.
We were all surprised and pleased when Don Henry showed up in his highly modified (experimental) Mite, N60BW. Don has quite a story to tell about a flying incident in the airplane.
David Favrholdt was distracted by this impressive Harmon Rocket in front of the terminal. Michael's '55 model receiving close attention in Ben's hangar. Ben has mounted a small video "gun" camera below the wing connected to a VCR in the cockpit.
Ben watches while his nephew David gets comfortable in the cockpit of N66MX Michael Harms and Glenn Bell made the flight down from Hayward in two Mites in two hours. Robby Robins, Bill Vandersande, Gil Gilbert and Ted Reusch just after finishing breakfast in Michel's.
Here is the traditional "chat circle" near the fridge in Bill's hangar. From left to right: Glenn Bell, Dave Rutherford, Tim Lucero, Ted Reusch, Ernie Buenting, Bill Vandersande, Gil Gilbert, Ben Favrholdt and Robby Robins. Robby, Dave Mazzola, Dave, Bill, Ben, Ted and Ernie dining in the shade at Michel's.
Glenn, Don Matthews and Tim polish off their BBQ meal of beef, beans, buns and salad.. Gil, Ernie and Robby certainly look like they are enjoying themselves. Garry Gramman and Ted.
David F. and Toni Guttman. This is the BBQ facility outside the terminal at PTV. RV-6 owner Don and his wife Marge, Bill's hangar neighbors, joined us for the BBQ.
Dave, Ben, Michael, David, and Toni. Gil, Ernie, Bill Robby, Garry, and Ted. Glenn, Ernie, Ben and Robby.

Photo credits: David Favrholdt, Dave Rutherford, Bill Vandersande

09 October, 2002