> WAMM Fly-in October, 2003

A collection of photos from the October, 2003 Fly-in at Porterville, CA (PTV)

Flawless weather - warm daytime temperatures followed by cool evenings - was the setting for the only WAMM Fly-In of 2003. The event was attended by five Mites based at Porterville plus four out-of-town airplanes and thirteen hard-core owners and enthusiasts.

There are now three local owner/hosts who made us feel welcome: Bill Vandersande, Ben Favrholdt and Don Deaton. On Friday night, Michael Harms arrived in his new Cessna 182 RG from the Bay Area. (He keeps his two Mites hangared at Porterville). Gil Gilbert of the Seattle area flew Alaska Air to Fresno and arrived by rented car. David Favrholdt and Dave Rutherfordflew Alaska Air from Vancouver, Canada to LAX and drove up via Bakersfield. Ernie Buenting of Upland was the only out-of-town Miter to fly in on Friday. Arriving by car on Saturday were owner Garry Gramman from El Cajon, and wanna-be-owner Mike Magnani from Valencia. We learned that fog in the LA area (typical for this time of year) kept one or two more WAMM members from flying in, and the lineup was looking pretty skimpy until Saturday afternoon when three more Mites arrived. Don Henry of La Mesa and Bob Katz of Encino stayed for a couple of hours, while Toni Guttman of Soquel, making his first Fly-In appearance in his Mite, tented over until Sunday. 

[Back row, L. to R.]
Bill Vandersande, Garry Gramman, Michael Harms, Don Deaton, Mike Magnani, David Favrholdt, Dave Rutherford.

[Front row, L. to R.]
Ernie Buenting, Ben Favrholdt, Gil Gilbert, Bob Katz.

Toni Guttman, Don Henry]

Gil, Ben, David, Ernie, Dave and Bill at La Fuente Mexican restaurant on Friday night.

[Clockwise around the table from front] Ben, Garry, Toni, Bill, Michael, Gil, Ernie, Mike, David and Dave at our newest favorite eating place, the Oak Pit, for dinner on Saturday.

If you look carefully, you will see all nine Mites in this pan shot taken beside Bill's hangar.

How can you tell these are Mooney airplanes?

Don and Ben look at Bob's N4155, which has not been seen in Porterville for a while.

These three Mites were late arrivals.

Time for photos.

Don Deaton and N120C have their official portrait taken.

Don Henry and his highly modified N60BW.

Host Ben Favrholdt and his M-18C, N66MX.

Ernie Buenting and his 75 h.p. N496M. Notice the modified windshield.

Host Bill Vandersande and his Lycoming-powered N4105. Bill's big hangar is a welcome refuge.

Bob Katz and his late-model M-18C, N4155.

Michael Harms with his pride and joy, N4192, serial number 357, the last Mite built. It has been re-numbered N201MM.

Toni Guttman and N10301, which put in its first appearance at a Porterville fly-in.

Guest Mike Magnani showed up at our Fly-in specifically to ask questions and sit in a Mite with a view to buying one in the near future. He couldn't have come to a better place. Michael was glad to oblige with his N4181.

These airplanes always get a good going-over by the experts.

Michael attaches the new N-number under the supervision of David and Don.

While spiffing up N4179 for the lineup, Michael discovered a local hazard - a mud-dauber nest hidden in the carb heat intake.

As a first time entry in the lineup, Toni's N10301 is closely inspected by Mike and Gil (left photo), while Garry takes a close look at a tire that Toni purchased for the airplane.

Photo credits: Michael Harms, Bill Vandersande, Dave Rutherford.

09 October, 2003