WAMM Fly-in May, 2004

A collection of photos from the May, 2004 Fly-in at Porterville, CA (PTV)

It may not have been the pleasant breezes and the moderate temperatures -- in the low 90's instead of the low 100's -- but we had one of our best turnouts ever. Eleven different Mites were seen, at one time or another, in the traditional line beside Bill Vandersande's hangar. This equals the record set in 2000. More than twenty-one pilots and enthusiasts showed up to say hello, and many stayed overnight to share food, drinks, and good conversation.

When Glenn Bell and your webmaster, Dave Rutherford, arrived from the Bay Area with Michael Harms in his C-182 retractable, Mal Gross, Tim Lucero, Le Selting, Gil Gilbert, and David Favrholdt, along with both his sons, Kai and Erik, were already at the Hangar. Newcomer Doug Triplat of Rosamond, CA was there as well in his Mooney M-20C, N78882. We've lost track of exactly when and in what order, but the following members showed up over the next two days: Ernie Buenting was there in his Mite; Robby Robins, Michael Magnani of Valencia, CA and Gerry Jenny arrived by car; Tony Terrigno flew in with his Piper Pacer; while Bob Katz, Dave Mazzola and Toni Guttman all came in their Mites. It was lucky that Bill had bought some extra chairs for the Hangar.

On Saturday, we were pleased to have two surprise visits. First, by Carl Walston in his lovely red Culver Cadet, and second, by Robert Schroeder of Minneapolis, MN who would have taken the prize (if we'd had one) for long distance attendee (if he'd come in his Mite). Robert had to rush to catch a flight out of Fresno, but at least he was able to have a coffee with us while we were having breakfast at Ryan's on Saturday morning. Noticeably absent was our long-time friend, Garry Gramman, who passed away in March.

Commercial pilot Glenn Bell of Hillsboro, OR was invited by Mal Gross to evaluate the improvements to N4187 since the last time it was in Porterville. Mal decided to leave early, first thing Saturday morning, to make the return flight to Orcas Island, WA.

Erik Favrholdt from Richmond, BC had never seen fresh-picked oranges like these.

Bill's hangar shade, a slight breeze, and cold drinks made for very pleasant hangar flying.

Gil Gilbert from Kent, WA and Bill watch as Robby Robins of Fallbrook, CA signs the attendance sheet. When complete, the sheet had a list of 22 names on it.

Le Selting from Tucson, AZ, Mal, and Ernie Buenting from Upland, CA.

Glenn, Michael Harms from Mountain View, CA, and Robby. Michael keeps his two Mites at Porterville.

Guest Doug Triplat from Rosamond, CA listens to one of Tim's yarns, for which he is famous.

Long-time president of WAMM, Tony Terrigno from Chino Hills, CA (with his back to the camera) has his ear bent by Gil while Bill listens.

Glenn Bell chats with Carl Walston of Solvang, CA who arrived in his Culver Cadet LCA, NC29398, The Culver is also a Mooney-designed airplane, somewhat like a two-place Mite.

Carl mentioned that our friends up in Washington State, Carl Badgett and Jim Jenkins have worked on this airplane.

Someone commented that it seems like all we did was eat. And here we are, starting things off, at our traditional early-comer's Thursday night Mexican supper at La Fuente, downtown.

Supper on Friday was a pleasant affair at Michel's Airport Restaurant. That's Ben Favrholdt, Robby Robins, Glenn Bell, Le Selting, Bill Vandersande and Ernie Buenting on the far side of the table.

That's Gil, Bill, Ernie and Tim waiting to dig in. Live piano music is a special attraction at Michel's on the weekend.

Breakfast at Ryan's on Saturday: Kai Favrholdt talks with his brother Erik, while Gil, Le, and Tim chat with surprise guest, Mite owner Robert Schroeder.

Dave Mazzola of Watsonville, CA, current owner of N380A (on the left) with previous owner Gerry Jenny of Aptos, CA, who sold it to him.

This was one of our largest gatherings. There were Mooney Mites all over the place.

Toni Guttman of Soquel, CA fills up the main tank in N10301 from the fuel truck before departing on Sunday morning.

Tim Lucero of Lompoc, CA missed the last fly-in, but made it this time. And somehow his trusty M-18C, N325M, found its way to Porterville as well.

Dave Rutherford from Abbotsford, BC, (on the left) and Ben (on the right) have breakfast one last time at Ryan's with Gil, Erik, Kai, and David Favrholdt before they drive back to Fresno in their rented car on Sunday morning to catch a flight on Horizon Air.

Lastly, here's lineup of remarkably accurate M-18 models made of redwood and pine by Daryl Kuder. One of these was presented to a very pleased Dave Rutherford by Michael Harms and the WAMM Gang to show their appreciation for his work on the Mite Site.

Photos by Dave Rutherford.

18 May, 2004