WAMM Fly-in May, 2005

A collection of photos from the May, 2005 Fly-in at Porterville, CA (PTV)

This Fly-In had a very respectable showing of airplanes and people. The weather was exceptionally good: not as hot as usual. Our sign-in sheet has a list of 21 names, and a total of 11 Mites were in the line-up (not all at the same time). Of those 11, five were from out-of-town: Mal Gross, N4187, Orcas Island, WA; Ernie Buenting, N496M, Upland, CA; Ted Teach, N4122, New Carlisle, OH; Don Henry, N60BW, El Cajon, CA; Dave Mazzola, N380A, Watsonville, CA; and Toni Guttman, N10301, Gilroy, CA.

Local Mite owners of course had their airplanes on display: Don Deaton, N120C; Ben Favrholdt, N66MX; Bill Vandersande, N4105; Michael Harms' two Mites, N201MM and N4181 are based in PTV, but Michael is not, having flown in his Cessna, N6063C from Mountain View, CA.

Out-of-towners were Gil Gilbert, Kent, WA; Ted Reusch, N5698F, Brockett, CA; Doug Triplat, N78882, Rosamond, CA; Robbie Robins, Fallbrook, CA; Tony Terrigno, N8291C, Chino, CA; Scott Lewis, Los Angeles, CA; Mike Magnani, N4094, Valencia, CA;  Bob Katz, N4155, Santa Monica, CA, and yours truly, Dave Rutherford, Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

Lastly, among the local Porterville enthusiasts (not all of whom signed in), were Marge and Don Matthews. You will notice Don's new hangar in a couple of the photos.

Present for the traditional Thursday night Mexican dinner at La Fuente were Bill Vandersande, Gil Gilbert, Dave Rutherford, Don Deaton, Ben Favrholdt and Mal Gross. Breakfast at Michel's Airport Cafe and PTV: Tony Terrigno, Doug Triplat and Bill.
Farther down the table are Ben, Robbie Robins, and Mal, across from Ernie Buenting, Ted Reusch and Don.
We patronized Michel's more than ever this time. Here are Mal, Robbie, Gil and Ted Teach. Back at Bill's hangar, home base for hangar-flying, Robbie, Ted, Don and Mal do some touch-and-goes.
Doug Triplat is always welcome in his big Mooney, a 160 HP M-20C. Tony Terrigno shares a private conversation with Ted Teach who has been absent for a couple of Fly-Ins.
Michael Harms, with his back to the camera, borrowed time from tending his farm (Porterville Almonds) to share some eats and stories with Gil, Robbie and Bill.
Ex-Mite owner, Ted Reusch flew up in his Alon Aircoupe. Local owner Don Deaton prepares his M-18L for taxiing over to a spot in the Lineup beside Bill's hangar.
Mite old-timer Gil Gilbert explains some fine points to prospective owner, Scott Lewis, who drove up from L.A. New Mite owner, Mike Magnani, N4094, and Gil, N4121, both of whom arrived by car.
Don Henry stirs up many questions and comments whenever he arrives in his highly modified M-18L, N60BW. Dave Mazzola has become a dependable Fly-In attendee since purchasing N380A three years ago.
Mal Gross turns the prop over on N4187. At a cruising altitude of 8000 ft. he needed a jacket, sweater and vest. Mal and several others chose to stay in the Motel 6. On the other hand, Toni Guttman, who arrived in N10301 from Frazier Lake Airpark near Gilroy, tented on the grass behind the Line-up.
The Lineup. Teach Teach washes the bugs off N4122 picked up during the long flight from Ohio.
Here a two shots showing the neat idea Ted came up with: a light plywood divider which gives two levels for storage in the baggage compartment, very useful for long-distance flights.
Michael Harms of Porterville Almonds and Don Deaton of Porterville. Here's a rare shot of Bob Katz, N4155 (sunglasses) who borrowed time from his busy schedule to spend part of a day with us.
Here are 13 members of the WAMM Gang eating our favorite (the Two-Taco) lunch at Rustler's.

Photos by Dave Rutherford and Michael Harms.