> WAMM Fly-in: May 19-21, 2006

A collection of photos from the May, 2006 Fly-in at Porterville, CA (PTV)

Although unfavourable weather forecasts had a negative effect on this Fly-In, we still had a satisfactory attendance. Those who took a chance on weather conditions were glad they came. Thursday was typically hot (100°), Friday was warm and cloudy with a spit of rain, Saturday was clear and in the 80's, and there was light rain on Sunday morning. Our sign-in sheet had a list of 19 names, just two fewer than last May. We had a total of eight Mites in the line-up, three of which were from out-of-town: Ernie Buenting, N496M, Upland, CA; Craig Ortet, N386A, Livermore, CA; and a first-timer, Jim Belding, N4096, Sedona, AZ.

Local Mite owners Don Deaton, N120C and Ben Favrholdt, N66MX had their airplanes on display. Bill Vandersande, Camarillo, CA still keeps N4105 at PTV, as does Michael Harms, Mountainview, CA, who flew down from The Bay Area in his Cessna 182RG, N6063C to display his two Mites, N201MM and N4181. Out-of-towners Glenn Bell, Hillsboro, OR, arrived with Michael Harms, Doug Triplat, Rosamond, CA, came in his big Mooney, N78882, while Dan Beltrami, Sandy, OR arrived in his RV-4, N216DB; Arriving by car were Dave Mazzola, N380A, Watsonville, CA;  Michael Magnani, N4094, Valencia, CA; David and Kai Favrholdt, Richmond, BC and yours truly, Dave Rutherford, Abbotsford, BC, Canada. Special guests were Neal and Michael La France of San Diego in their M12 Culver Cadet, N46TY; Marty Petri, M20G N6818N, Simi, CA; and John Clausen, C120 N72900, Tujunga, CA. These fellows were part of the Antique Mooney gathering that was canceled due to questionable weather. We're glad they came.

Yours truly actually flew down as far as Fresno with Mite owner Mal Gross, N4187, of Orcas Island, WA in his new light-sport Tecnam Bravo. Although he actually spent Wednesday night in Porterville, mechanical problems captured Mal's attention and he had to return to Fresno early, unable put in an appearance. We hope to see him in October.

L to R (standing) Doug Triplat, Ben Favrholdt, Dan Beltrami, Dave Mazzola, Bill Vandersande, David Favrholdt, Kai Favrholdt, Jim Belding, Michael LaFrance. Front: Glenn Bell, Ernie Buenting, Dave Rutherford.
Ernie and Dan in the midst of hangar flying. Note that Dan is eating a fresh local orange. Michael Magnani inspects one of the new batch of WAMM shirts that Bill has for sale. Note that these shirts are available for $15.
Doug Triplat and Don Deaton study the menu at the Airway Cafe, which is under new ownership since our last Fly-In. Looks like Jim Belding has already made up his mind. Bill Vandersande, Dave Mazzola and Ernie Buenting on the other side of the table.
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At the end of the table we see the three Favrholdts - Uncle Ben, Kai and David. Michael Harms had to take time out to tend to his almond ranch near the airport. After a few hours work with tractor and sprayer, the problem was taken care of.
We were pleased to see new owner Jim Belding who flew all the way from Arizona. He took the opportunity to do a lot of sight seeing, such as a visit to nearby Sequoia National Forest. Neal and Michael La France were spotted at the fuel pumps in their Cadet and invited over to join us.
Our attractive waitress at the Oak Pit, Leannan, sat down for a photo in Michael's seat between Glenn and David Favrholdt. Dave M. and Ben are on this side of the table. At the far end, clockwise from left, are Kai, Dave R., Bill, Dan, Ernie and Ben. The food and the service at the Oak Pit were great.
Glenn chats with Dan about his RV-4. For supper on Saturday, we tried an eatery which was new to us, the Cellar in downtown Porterville. Here, Kai, David and Michael wait for their food.
At the Cellar, on the left, Glenn, Dan, Dave M. and Ben. On the right, Dave R., Kai, David and Michael. The food was fast, cheap and tasty.
One of our favourite traditions is the Saturday two-taco lunch at Rustlers out at the lake, 10 miles east of town. The tacos are delicious, and the Canadians in the crowd judged the house ale to be very respectable.

Photos by Dave Rutherford, David Favrholdt and Michael Harms.