Wamm Fly-In, September 2008

A report and photos from the September, 2008 Fly-in at Porterville, CA (PTV)

Attendees report:

Arriving Thursday: Ernie Buenting N496M (Upland, CA), Dave Rutherford, David Favrholdt (Vancouver, BC), Gil Gilbert N4121 (Kent, WA), Bill Vandersande N4105 (Camarillo, CA), Ben Favrholdt N66MX (local), Michael Harms and Karen Andrews N201MM (Porterville Almonds).

Friday: Doug Triplat in his M-20C N78882 (Rosamond, CA), to join local Don Deaton N120C (local).

Saturday: Michael Magnani N4064 by car (Valencia, CA), Dave Mazzola N380A (Watsonville, CA), Scott Lewis N4096 (Santa Monica, CA), Bill & Tootie Jennings by car (Rosamond, CA), Toni Guttman N10301 (Soquel, CA).

Dining schedule:

Thursday evening: La Fuente.

Friday: breakfast Airport Cafe, lunch Hot Potato, supper Randy's.

Saturday breakfast in the capable hands of Alice at Nelson's, lunch Rustlers, supper Oak Pit.

Sunday breakfast at Perko's, served by Melissa.

Total number of attendees: 16. Mites present: 8

Skies clear, temperatures in the low nineties.

Special thanks to Bill Vandersande for providing his hangar for seating, shade, and cold drinks.

As usual, there are a lot of shots of us eating, but we feel obliged to show every visitor in at least one photo.
Thursday evening dinner for the early birds at La Fuente downtown. Saturday breakfast at Nelson's. That's Alice with the brown apron.
Mike Magnani's custom-made disks for his landing gear raised a lot of interest. We hope to publish a full report on his methods soon. Tootie and Bill Jennings with Gil Gilbert in Bill's hangar.
Scott Lewis flew in from Santa Monica for his first WAMM event in his 1952 M-18C. Toni Guttman arrived for his
usual one-night stand.
The Sunday hold-overs enjoyed being served breakfast at Perko's by Melissa.

Photos by David Favrholdt, Scott Lewis and Dave Rutherford
Notice: next WAMM Fly-In will be May 15 - 17, 2009.