Wamm Fly-In, October 2009

A report and photos from the October 1 - 4 Fly-in at Porterville, CA (PTV)

The weatherman was very kind, but the turnout was very disappointing. We present this report mainly for the record and not to bore you with a bunch of photos of us eating, although that remains a major part of our gatherings.

Attendees report:

Early birds arriving Thursday: Bill Vandersande (Camarillo, CA), Dave Rutherford (Abbotsford, BC), David Favrholdt (Richmond, BC), Gil Gilbert N4121 (Kent, WA), Ed Mandibles N325M (Lompoc, CA), Ben Favrholdt N66MX (local) Don Deaton N120C (local), and local Michael Harms N201MM (Porterville Almonds).

Friday: Michael Magnani N4064 by car (Valencia, CA).

Saturday: Toni Guttman N10301 (Soquel, CA).

Dining schedule:

Thursday evening: La Fuente.

Friday: breakfast - Airway Cafe at PTV; lunch - El Charro Tapatio way out on South Main; dinner - Randy's Pasta Steak & Seafood on Olive Ave.

Saturday: breakfast - Jenny Lynn's (no longer a sandwich place) on Plano; lunch - Rustler's Steakhouse & Saloon at Lake Success; dinner - Pizza Hut on Henderson.

Sunday: breakfast - Perko's Koffee Kup on Henderson Ave.

Weather conditions: Skies clear, temperatures cool overnight, increasing to the mid-eighties in the afternoons. Very pleasant.

Special Events: visits to Porterville Almond orchards for a load of oranges (oddly enough), and a trip to the almond shelling plant down near Pixley, CA.

Attendance: People 10, Mites 6 (4 local, 2 visiting).

Special thanks once again to Bill Vandersande for providing his hangar for seating, shade, and cold drinks.

(L. to R.) David Favrholdt, Gil Gilbert, Bill Vandersande, Ed Mandibles, Ben Favrholdt, Michael Harms.

Ed Mandibles N325M outside Bill's hangar.

Saturday lunch at Rustlers: Ben, Don Deaton, Michael, Mike Magnani, Dave Rutherford, Bill, David, Gil.

Flying in Bill's hangar: Michael, Bill, Don, Toni Guttman.

Toni's N10301 looks pretty lonely out there on Saturday afternoon.