Wamm Fly-In, May 2010

A report and photos from the May 14 - 16 Fly-in at Porterville, CA (PTV)

We were blessed with typical Porterville spring weather. The turnout was very good, with 20 signatures (14 members and 6 guests) on the sign-in sheet. The lineup was seven Mites long, the four locals plus three visiting Mites: N496M, N325M, and N4096.

Attendees report:

Early birds arriving Thursday: Ernie Buenting (Upland, CA), Gil Gilbert N4121 (Kent, WA), David Favrholdt (Richmond, BC), Dave Rutherford (Abbotsford, BC), Ed Mandibles N325M (Lompoc, CA), Michael Harms N201MM, N4181 (local).

Friday: Doug Triplat in his Mooney M-20C N78882 (Rosamond, CA), Don Deaton N120C (local), Scott Lewis N4096 (Santa Monica, CA), Craig Ortet N386A by Harley Davidson (Livermore, CA).

Saturday: Michael Magnani, N4064 by car (Valencia, CA), Carl Walston in NC29398, a Culver Cadet (Solvang, CA), Norm Douthit N3162K et al. by car (San Bernardino, CA), Dave Mazzola N380A by car (Newark, CA), Jan Tamburro and Bill Vandersande by car (Camarillo, CA), Pike Kelly (Santa Paula, CA) and Gary Jackson (Moorpark, CA) in N47080, a Ryan ST3KR, and Mike Madrid (Lompoc, CA) in his Pietenpol Air Camper, N616CB. Also on the sign-in sheet - Russell Blevins (Visalia, CA) who displayed his 1950 Chevy beside Ed's N325M, a 1950 Mooney Mite.

Dining schedule:

Thursday evening: La Fuente.

Friday: breakfast - Airway Cafe at PTV; lunch - El Charro Tapatio way out on South Main; dinner - ice cream at Rite Aid on Olive Ave.

Saturday: breakfast - Perko's Koffee Kup on Henderson; ; lunch - Rustler's Steakhouse & Saloon at Lake Success; dinner - Rosa's Ristorante Italiano on Henderson.

Sunday: breakfast - Jenny Lynn's on Plano.

Weather conditions: Skies clear, cool temperatures overnight, increasing to the high-eighties in the afternoons. Very pleasant, with good visibility.

Special Events:

Several members took a guided tour of the Porterville Almond orchards. A few wild oranges and tangerines were picked up along the way.

On Saturday afternoon, we were treated to a brief visit by an antique auto group out of Visalia, who had made PTV a destination for that day. There must have been at least 20 assorted vehicles, ranging from Model T's on up.

Instead of Dawn Patrol, three members went up to practice formation flying later in the morning: Michael in N201MM, Ed in N325M, and Scott in N4096. Click on this link, and on this link to see two short movies Scott took with his iPhone.

Attendance: People 20+, Mites 7.

Special thanks once again to Bill Vandersande for providing his hangar. Don Deaton has to be given a lot of credit for the cleaning, seating, shade, and cold drinks.

Notice: We discussed and agreed that our Spring Fly-In next year would be scheduled for early June so that it coincides with the Porterville Airport's Eagle Mountain Air Show, adding more interest and excitement, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the great barbecue put on every year by Mike Quatacker and friends.

(L. to R.) David Favrholdt, Scott Lewis, Don Deaton, Gil Gilbert, Dave Rutherford, Doug Triplet, Ed Mandibles, Michael Harms, Ernie Buenting.

This is the "hard core" at La Fuente on Thursday evening: Gil, Ed Michael, David, Ernie and Dave.

Bill Vandersande and his companion, Jan Tamburro, drove up for the day.

The Lineup.

Craig Ortet flew down from Livermore on his Harley Davidson.

The Porterville area is unusually green this year. All the riverbeds have water in them. This photo, taken from Michael Harms' Cessna 182RG, looks southeast down at the Olive Avenue bridge over the Tule River.

Both of these vehicles were built in 1950: Ed Mandibles' Mite and Russell Blevins' Chevy.

Ed Mandibles and Scott Lewis taxi out for a rendezvous with Michael Harms in their Mites over Success Lake.


The three Mites in formation arrive back for a low-and-over above the hangars.

Michael Magnani receives last minute instructions from owner Ed Mandibles before he takes his first flight in a Mite.

Mike arrives back, all smiles.

Mike's comments afterwards: "It was very generous of Ed to let me fly his airplane. I'm glad I didn't break it!"

(L. to R.) Pike Kelly, Gary Jackson, Michael Harms, and Norm Douthit at Rustler's two-taco lunch on Saturday.

Pike Kelly and Gary Jackson arrive in Gary's Ryan ST3KR.

Carl Walston and his immaculate Culver Cadet, an earlier Mooney design.

Mike Madrid and his Pietenpol Air Camper on the ramp.

Don Deaton getting ready to taxi in N120C.

Saturday morning breakfast at Perko's: Craig, Ernie, Gil, Ed, David, Scott, Michael, Dave.

Photos by Dave Rutherford, Michael Harms and Ed Mandibles.