WAMM Fly-In, October 2010

A report and photos from the October 1 - 3 Fly-in at Porterville, CA (PTV)

This report is based on material submitted by David Favrholdt, Michael Harms and Ed Mandibles, as yours truly, Dave Rutherford, did not attend. For the first time in years, hangar flying took place in Ben Favrholdt's facility at PTV. The turnout was modest, with two visiting Mites, along with eight club members.

Attendees report:

Early birds arriving Thursday: David Favrholdt (Richmond, BC) drove up solo from LAX; Ben Favrholdt N66MX (local); Michael Harms N201MM, N4181 (local).

Friday: Scott Lewis N4096 (Santa Monica, CA; Ed Mandibles, N325M (Lompoc, CA); Don Deaton, N120C (local).

Saturday: Michael Magnani, N4064 by car (Valencia, CA); Bill Vandersande and Jan Tamburro by car (Camarillo, CA).

Dining schedule:

Thursday evening: La Fuente on Main.

Friday: breakfast - Airway Cafe at PTV; lunch - skipped; dinner - Randy's Steak and Pizza on Olive Avenue.

Saturday: breakfast - Jenny Lynn's on Plano; lunch - Rustler's Steakhouse & Saloon at Lake Success; dinner - Mike Quatacker's Hanger-Opening Extravaganza at PTV.

Sunday: breakfast - Perko's Koffee Kup on Henderson.

Weather conditions: The weather was a mix of sun and clouds with thundershowers; high humidity, with temperatures in the low 90's during the day and cooler during the nights.

Special Events:

Dawn Patrol: Three members went up for formation flying (Michael in N4181, Ed in N325M and Scott in N4096), and came back with some great aerial photos.

Mike Magnani had the joy to fly two Mites this time, N325M and N4181, thanks to Ed and Michael.

Mike Quatacker's Hanger Opening Extravaganza. Around 100 guests. Potluck dinner with a Wings & Wheels theme. Previously occupied by Porterville Aviation and located east of the fuel pumps, Mike's building will be the headquarters for the PTV Air Show / Fly-in.

Attendance: People 10, Mites 6.

Special thanks to Ben Favrholdt for providing his hangar and facilities.

Notice: The members present confirmed that our Spring Fly-In next year would be scheduled in June to coincide with the Porterville Air Show, sponsored by Mike Quatacker, of barbecue fame.

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Mike Magnani receives instructions from Michael Harms before going up in a second Mite.

Thursday dinner at La Fuente: Leonard Alogna, with Ben, David and Michael.

Friday breakfast at the Airway Cafe.

Friday dinner at Randy's.

Saturday breakfast at Jenny Lynn's.

Mike Quatacker's BBQ dinner and hangar party.

Comments on the party by WAMM president, Michael Harms:

"... It was a "Hangar Open House" in a HUGE hangar south of everything on the field except the CDF (CA Dept of Forestry) borate bombers. It's gorgeous. His motorcycle collection (5 bikes), Corvette collection (15 Corvettes), and his airplane collection (3 airplanes and 1 helicopter) were there also (the airplanes were out front). It is also the corporate offices for the water valve company he and his partner run.

"Dinner was a potluck with everybody bringing something (we brought dinner rolls and butter). There were 100-125 people there: City workers, airport workers, pilots, and Mike's other friends (plus that couple who crashed the White House party).

"Mike has invited us again next year. Also there is an air show committee forming that wants to bring back the Porterville Moonlight Fly-In in June with a paid air show, an evening dinner-dance, and an early morning hot air balloon fly-off all on the same weekend. We talked about moving our May Mite Fly-In to be the same weekend in June. I think that would be a good idea.

"OK, you guys chime in.


Bon voyage after breakfast at Perko's on Sunday.

Photos by David Favrholdt, Michael Harms and Ed Mandibles.