WAMM Fly-In, October 2011

A report and photos from the October 7 - 9 Fly-In at Porterville, California (PTV)

For the first time, Michael Harms' hangar became headquarters for hangar flying. Although the two main doors of the hangar face east-west, we did not take full advantage of the extra shade and cross-ventillation due to the weather being so cool. Attendance was disappointingly low.

Attendees report:

Thursday Early Birds: Mike Magnani, N4064 (from Valencia, CA by car) was already working on the carburetor replacement in N4181 (one of the two Mites belonging to Michael Harms) when Gil Gilbert, N4121 (Kent, WA) came by Horizon Air and rental car from Fresno; David Favrholdt (Richmond, BC) and Dave Rutherford (Abbotsford, BC) arrived late-afternoon by car from LAX after flying down via Alaska Air from Vancouver and making their usual pit stop at the Lengthwise in Bakersfield.

Friday: Ed Mandibles, N325M arrived thoroughly chilled after a frigid, early-morning departure from Lompoc, CA. Shortly afterwards Doug Triplat came in his Bonanza from Rosamond, CA); Don Deaton, N120C (local) and Ben Favrholdt, N66MX, joined us for breakfast.

Saturday: We enjoyed brief visits from Dan Shumaker, who flew in from Livermore in his lovely PA-12, N2666M, and Carl Walston of Solvang, CA in his Culver Cadet, N29398.

Dining schedule:

Thursday evening: El Tapatio on East Orange St. This is a very popular eatery for families. The place was packed and the food was excellent.

Friday: breakfast - Airway Cafe at PTV; lunch - Orange Street Cafe; dinner - the new Porter Street cafe on Henderson, served by Cynthia.

Saturday: breakfast - 4-H Chuckwagon Breakfast in the new Porterville Fair Grounds building; lunch - Rustler's Steakhouse & Saloon at Lake Success; dinner - Black Bear Diner on Olive Avenue.

Sunday: breakfast - Perko's Koffee Kup on Henderson, under the care of Missy (Melissa).

Weather conditions: The weather was unusually cool, with morning temperatures in the low 40's. However, afternoons were pleasant and sunny, with temperatures rising to the mid seventies.

Special Events:

Repairs to N4181 pretty well dominated the hangar flying. Mike, Ed and Michael worked on a frustrating engine/carburetor problem while the rest of us looked on and helped where we could.

The two Davids went with Gil to look at three Conair water bombers temporarily stationed at the fire fighting facility at PTV. Their chat with the pilot from Vancouver was very enlightening.

As usual, dining is a dominant part of our get-togethers, so it is only normal to report that perhaps the highlight of the Fly-In was the 4-H Breakfast at the Fair Grounds. The size of the turnout was amazing, while the prompt and cheerful food service by the children put that of most restaurants to shame. It was a lot of fun. We also enjoyed our first meal at the Black Bear Diner, which we used to patronize when it was known as Ryan's.

Attendance: We have ten signatures on the sign-in sheet, with one missing due to oversight. Three Mites made it to the show line, while one stayed in the hangar due to being serviced. We discussed the possibility of holding our next Fly-In at Lompoc, California, taking advantage of Ed Mandibles' hosting capabilities, and hopefully stimulate greater attendance. Active members will be consulted before a decision is made.

Special thanks to Michael Harms for providing his hangar and a room at his house.

This is all of us at the Airport Cafe for the first breakfast together.

The blue Mite was visiting while the other two are based at PTV.
That's a PA-12 (visiting) and a C-182 (local) at the far end.

We re-discovered the El Tapatio restaurant. Good food, lots of action. We'll have to go there again.

We are discussing the carburetor problem in N4181.

Ed Mandibles finds the engine is still running rough.

Mike Magnani found that N4181 hadn't enough power and had to abort the take-off.

We had a lot of fun at the 4-H Breakfast. The kids gave us great service.

The Canadian pilot gives us a tour of his water bomber.

Mite owner Dan Shumaker showed up briefly in his Piper PA-12.

Carl Walston arrived in his Culver Cadet (another Mooney model) and stayed for lunch.

If it was Saturday, it had to be the two-taco lunch at Rustlers.

Photos by Dave Rutherford and David Favrholdt