logo-small WAMM Fly-In, October 2017

A Report and Photos from the Mooney Mite Fly-in Lompoc, Friday 13th and Saturday 14th, 2017

By Ed Mandibles


Ed and Susan Mandibles


Doug Triplat
Michael and Karen Harms
Scott Lewis
Scott Royal
Alan Hartman
Charlie ?
Pat Moran
Terry Adams
Michael Magnani
Tracy Hanson

Friday was good weather with Doug Triplat arriving in his Bonanza around 11:50 AM. He brought homemade brownies and date bread for the attendees. Thank you to Doug and his wife for the goodies. Later in the day Michael and Karen Harms arrived around 2:30 PM. Scott Lewis arrived in his Mite at 5:15 PM, just in time to dinner up at Ed and Susan Mandibles house. Dinner was smoked meat loaf and smoked chicken breast along with custom baked beans, homemade potato salad, rolls, chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. What a feast!

John and Rose Kruger were planning to attend but their daughter took ill and had to be hospitalized and the last minute. We all missed John and Rose. Hope your daughter is going to be okay.

The Fly-In wasn’t the same without the Canadian contingency! Dave Rutherford and David Favrholdt, were unable to attend.

Saturday breakfast was at the Cajun Kitchen just across the street from the airport. Attendees were Ed and Susan, Doug Triplat, Scott Lewis and Scott Royal. Scott Royal drove all the way from Salt Lake City, UT to join us and look at the Mites! Thank you Doug for picking up the tab for breakfast! If we’d known Doug was going to do that, we would have ordered steak and lobster!!

Back at the airport, Alan Hartman and Charlie (didn’t get his last name) flew in from Chandler AZ in a Bellanca Viking arriving around 10:00 AM. Alan is owner of an M18C-55.

Pat Moran and Terry Adams flew a Thorp T-18 in from the Modesto area.

Michael Magnani drove in from Valencia to meet the group. Michael is having to give up on the completion of his Mite due to health issues and is fixing to sell the project. If there was any Mite project that was a great value, this would be it. Zero time engine with new exhaust system, wing ready for cover, fuselage up to silver, with all parts to complete. Michael’s work is impeccable.

Tracy Hanson drove from the Fresno area to look at the Mites.

Lunch was at Angela’s Mexican restaurant and was attended by Michael and Karen Harms, Ed and Susan Mandibles, Scott Lewis, and Scott Royal.

Although there were only two Mites in attendance, we had a great little fly-in. A good time was had by all. A lot of Mite information was exchanged and several other people showed up to view the Mites.


Doug Triplat sitting in front of Ed's Piper Tri-Pacer


Friday lunch at Angela's: L to R: Michael Magnani, Scott Lewis, Scott Royal,
Ed and Susan Mandibles, Michael and Karen Harms.


Karen and Michael Harms


Friday dinner at the Mandibles': L to R: Scott Lewis, Doug Triplat, Susan Mandibles, Michael and Karen Harms.


Saturday breakfast at the Cajun Kitchen. L to R: Scott Royal, Doug Triplat,
Susan and Ed Mandibles, Scott Lewis.


Alan and Charlie, along with Doug, Ed, Scott Royal and Scott Lewis all looking at Ed’s Mite, N325M.
The white and blue Mite is Scott Lewis's N4096.


Ed Mandibles and Scott Lewis flew some formation in the Mites around the pattern
and Scott flew out to the Pt. Conception Lighthouse.