The WAMM Gallery

Columbia, California 1982

Dan Beltrami and N339M

Dan Beltrami's hanger at Lake Billy Chinook State airport (better known as "Rock Ranch") located 17 nm NNW of Redmond, OR. The Mites L to R belong to Tom Clinton, Dan Beltrami, and Gil Gilbert. Tom and Gil flew down from Seattle to the Rock Ranch to spend the night before departing for Columbia, CA. Tom is moving his Mite. The people in the background are locals except on the right is Dan Beltrami.

Tom Clinton's M-18C-55. This plane has the original paint scheme and was the last Mite produced.

Garry Gramman with NDYNAIR. Gary drove to the Mite fly-ins from San Diego for years during his mite rebuild. Garry would bring drawing and data to the fly-ins to show everybody. We thought we would never see the Mite, but lo and behold he flew his Mite.

Dave Jappay.

Doc. Sanderson. Notice his ventral fin, gear door, and cowling cheeks over the cylinders. Doc lived on Cameron Airpark where the WAMM fly-in was held in Aug, 1981.

Tony Terrigno with his new Mite N120C. Notice the nice gear doors.

Left to right (standing):

Tom Clinton, Doc Sanderson, Dave Jappay, Garry Gramman, Dick McComas

In front (squatting):

Gil Gilbert, Dan Beltrami, ?

Photographs courtesy of Tony Terrigno, Gil Gilbert, N4121

Columbia 1982 Fly-In program

01 April, 2001