The WAMM Gallery

Columbia, California 1983, 1984

Ben Favroldt with Derek Reed and his M20.

Gil Gilbert and N4121, with Garry Gramman's car in the back.

The Lineup.

Dick Marrot and N115C.

Tim Bowers.

Lee Taylor and N4146.

Tony Terrigno with Jim Simpson and his Pacer.

Bill Vandersande and N4105.

1984: Left to Right: Garry Gramman, Lee Taylor, Gil Gilbert, Craig Ortet, Bill Vandersande, Dave Jappay, Dan Shumaker, Dick Marrott, Tony Terrigno.

1984: Left to Right: Dick Marrott, N115C, Lee Taylor, N4146, Dave Jappay, N4152, Bill Vandersande, N4105, Gil Gilbert, N4121, Dan Shumaker, N4142.

Photographs courtesy of Gil Gilbert, N4121

01 April, 2001