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12th annual Fly-In: Columbia, California 1988

Dan Beltrami's N339M.

Bill Clark's N50DL in its new livery (see Grass Valley, 1986).

L to R:

Ben Favrholdt, Garry Gramman, Robby Robins, Dan Beltrami, Tony Terrigno, Glenn Bell (future Mite owner), Mac McComas, Bill Clark, Dave Jappay, Bob's friend, Bob Katz ( flew up in his Comanche).

Best way to stay out of the 90 to 105 degree sun. The Mite flyers are looking at Garry Gramman's drawings of all the mods for his L model.

L. to R. Mac McComas, Robby Robins' back, Dave Jappay, Garry Gramman, Bill Clark, Bob Katz's friend, Bob Katz's back, Glenn Bell, Tony Terrigno, Bill Vandersande, Ben Favrholdt.

Tony's Gals.

During the Columbia fly-ins the Mite flyers would camp out under the dry oak trees at the camp grounds. For 9 years Tony would announce the gals should show up about 9 P.M. At the '88 fly-in the gals finally showed up on Saturday about 2 P.M. What a surprise! Actually the gals are a group of 99's on a fly-out from the Bay area.

Mac McComas's Mite. Mac has an A75 under the hood.

Robby Robins flew up in his Cessna 150. This photo was actually taken at the Quincy fly-in 1985.

Mite line up. Too many people to identify.

Tony's Terrigno's Mite. Garry Gramman looking over Tony's L model. Note how the generator is cowled in by the nose bowl.

Bill Vandersande's LA model.

Glenn Bell. This is Glenn's first visit to a WAMM Columbia fly-in with his new C-55 Mite. The previous owner was Whit Pierson.

Photographs courtesy of Gil Gilbert, N4121

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