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Columbia, California 1989

Bill Clark's Mite. During this time period Ben Favrholdt made a deal to buy Bill's mite.

A new 1989 Super Cub with 60TT. It was a typical hot and windy day. The pilot was not a WAMM attendee. This guy should have bought a Mite.

Ben Favrholdt's Cessna. Ben flew up from Fallbrook, CA.

Dave Grubert's Mite. This C-55 has an aux fuel tank. Dave hauled N4177 out of Oregon and had to build a new wing.

Dan Hick's Mite. Bill Vandersande on the left and Bob Katz are resting on Dan's Mite. This C model Mite was previously owned by Stretch Wilborn for many years and stored at his home in Oak Harbor, WA. The paint scheme is copied from a navy squadron. This Mite is now owned by Don Darrow Mulkilteo, WA and was featured elsewhere on the Mite web site.

Bob Katz's Mite. Nice gear doors and paint.

The Mite line up. Some Mites are missing in the line in this photo.

Tony Terrigno's Mite. Notice the writing on the cowl. Beep was his son.

Owner unknown. This C-55 flew from the Bay area with out a canopy.

And last, alphabetically that is, Bill Vandersande's Mite. 

Photographs courtesy of Gil Gilbert, N4121

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03 April, 2001