The WAMM Gallery

Columbia, California 1992

Mite line up. Ben on the right is talking to Tony Pupa.

Garry Gramman and his long-awaited N119C. Garry is smiling. This is the first Columbia fly-in that N119C has attended with its owner.

Tony Pupa and his Mite. Tony was a new member and this was his first visit to Columbia. Tony hangered his Mite with Tony Terrigno at Chino, CA.

Tony's Mite lived in Alaska for a period of time and when it returned to California it came in a Douglas DC-6.

Dave Grubert's Mite. Notice the covers on top of the cylinders.

Mike Harm's Mite. Mites need shade the same as the flyers.

Gil Gilbert's Mite. Is Robby Robins checking his tie downs?

Craig Ortet's Mite. The yellow Mite at Grass Valley has changed color. Don't confuse N386A with N66MX.

Bill Vandersande's Mite.

Dave Jappay's Mite.

Seated left: Glenn and Rosa Bell, right: Tim Lucero. Standing: Gil Gilbert and Michael Harms. At the table: left: Ben Favrholdt facing Robby Robins.

Photographs courtesy of Tony Terrigno, Gil Gilbert, N4121

03 April, 2001