The WAMM Gallery

Columbia, California 1995

Mite line up L to R: Garry Gramman, Tony Terrigno, Dave Jappay, Bill Vandersande, Gil Gilbert, Ben Favrholdt, Tim Lucero, Glenn Bell, Bill Vandersande

Mite flyers trying to take advantage of what little shade there is. L to R: Glenn Bell, Alan Adcock, Ben Favrholdt, Tony Terrigno, Garry Gramman, Dave Jappay, Pat Moran & kids (drove in from Oakdale, CA), Bill Vandersande, and Tim Lucero.

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Gil Gilbert

Alan Adcock. Alan flew in from Idaho. N380A is Doc Sanderson's old Mite minus gear doors and cylinder cowling.

Photographs courtesy of Gil Gilbert, N4121

06 April, 2001