The WAMM Gallery

New Carlisle, Ohio, May 1998

Mite Gathering at New Carlisle, OH on the Memorial Day weekend, 1998, hosted by Ted Teach. These photos were sent to Tony Terrigno in June, 1998 by enthusiast Bill Spellman of Waukesha, WI.

L to R: Bob Bone, N4173, Fort Wayne, IN, Jim Bergo, N4178, Minot, ND, Jerry Johnston, N4124, Roscommon, MI, Red Ewing, N4129, Minot, ND, Ted Teach, N4122, New Carlisle, OH

Ted Teach's hangar in New Carlisle. In the background, his Ryan project and Stearman. The Mites (all Continental powered) from L to R: Jerry Johnston, Jim Bergo, Red Ewing, Ted Teach.

Bill Spellman sitting in Jim Bergo's very nice M-18C55.

Jim Bergo sits on the wing of his own airplane explaining the semi-IFR panel to Ted Teach. In the background, Jerry Johnston and Red Ewing in front of Red's Mite.

Photographs courtesy of Bill Spellman.

October 4, 2004