The October 2013 Fly-In Schedule
by WAMM President Ed Mandibles

Friday 11 Oct. - Arrivals - Lunch at the Cajun Kitchen across the street from the airport. Evening is the usual pot luck at the hangar with ribs on the BBQ and in the smoker! Plenty of food for just a donation in the coffee can or you can bring a dish, salad, desert or..... I will have some local beer in the cooler and some local wines.

Saturday 12 Oct. - Breakfast at one of the local places, arrivals and formation flying activities. Lunch at Angela's Mexican food. Afternoon flying including flour drop and spot landing contests followed by ample hangar flying. Evening time we will pick a local restaurant then show some Mooney Mite adventures back at the hangar.

Sunday 13 Oct. - Breakfast, morning air tours and departures.

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